Did a storm take out a portion of your roof? Is just one patch of your roof curling up? If you answered yes to either of these questions then a roof repair might be all your home or building needs. At Columbia Roofing, Inc. we would never sell you a brand-new roof if you do not need it. Our team of experienced roofing contractors will examine your existing roof to determine what actions need to be taken.

When you call on us for your roofing repairs, we guarantee we will leave your yard clean and free from debris. Whether you have a roof that is asphalt, metal, wood, tile or composite, our roofing contractors can help.

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Find out the most common roof problems

With proper care and maintenance, you can make you roof last for years. Stay on top of your roofs health by knowing the signs of roofing problems before they start. Some of the most common roofing problems are:

  • Ponding water
  • Puncture and penetrations
  • Tree obstruction
  • Poor ventilation
  • Shrinkage and blistering
  • Improper care / lack of maintenance
  • Animal invasion
Do you think your home or building might be experiencing one of the problems above? Hire our fully licensed and insured roofing contractors for your roofing repair today.